Dancing Lorikeets- AMEB grade 2 Flute

Published by Wirripang

Double Reed exam repertoire:
grade 1, list C: In the Groove (AMEB book) and Gnomes on Holiday (manual list)
grade 2, list B: Stargazing (AMEB book)
grade 3, list B: A Day in the Brindabellas (AMEB book) 
              list C: Private Eye, Howzat! (manual list)
grade 4, list C: Winter Skies, Fireflies (manual list)
grade 5, list C: Mermaids 
grade 7, list C: Cantabile and Caprice- Wirripang
Certificate of Performance, list A: The Secrets of Trees - Wirripang
VCE: Oboe Tango (oboe and piano version) -Wirripang
grade 2, list B: Ballad and Late for School (from Autumn Days-Reedmusic)
                        Lullaby and Over the Sea (from Over the Sea-Reedmusic)
Trinity College London Syllabus:
grade 1, Ballad or On the Move or Late for School (from Autumn Days-Reedmusic)
grade 2: Waltz of the Leprechauns or Cool Cat (from Autumn Days-Reedmusic)
VCE Bassoon Boogie- Wirripang